Saturday, February 7, 2015

Debo Comprar Ropa Nueva por que no me Queda ???


El secreto es usar las Fajas Colombianas al Vestir

     No hay algo mas Frustrante Para Nosotras que el no entrar en una Faja o en tu Ropa Preferida, Esto es especialmente frustrante en estos días donde los mejores diseños parecen requerir un cuerpo perfecto, entre los diseños que mas buscamos se encuentran los chalecos de látex, chaleco de powernet, cinturillas, levantacolas. En ShapewearPlace puedes encontrar productos como Nahema International; una fábrica colombiana que ha  venido con innovadoras  ideas en prendas de control para ayudarte  a solucionar tus frustraciones al vestir. Sus Cómodos Diseños y novedosos desarrollos de telas presentarnos gran variedad y comodidad en sus diseños de las fajas. Gracias a la gran experiencia en el tema nos presentan soluciones para lograr el cuerpo que todas deseamos a pesar de que tengamos unas libritas de mas, nos hará lucir como lo merecemos y tendremos una nueva imagen y actitud ante la vida. Nahema international elabora productos para esculpir el cuerpo a una forma mas agradable, con esta mágica transformación se logran mediantes ingeniosos diseños que aplicas compresión controlada en zonas predeterminada de su cuerpo, como por ejemplo el abdomen, al mismo tiempo aplica compresión liviana en  otras  zonas del cuerpo creando como resultado que cuando adquiera un producto de Nahema Internation usted tendrá una figura modelada con curvas mas acentuadas en el contorno de su cuerpo de manera natural. En pocas palabras gracias a la tecnología aplicada por Nahema international usted prodra tener una figura mas sofisticada adaptándose cómodamente debajo de tu ropa ocultando lo que te sobra y curveándote tu figura. En ShapewearPlace te ayudaremos a conseguir la fajas Colombianas de tu preferencia

Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Enhanced, Flattered Figure with Colombian Butt Lift Jeans

Something that many a person wants is to have a sexy and shapely butt. This is not always the easiest goal to reach and maintain in today’s world though. There are varying factors that keep people from achieving this goal. To that end the Latin American people residing in South America have come up with a solution that assist in the shaping/re-shaping of a person’s rear end without that person going to extremes.

For the most part Colombian butt lift jeans are not the only means of making your derriere look as you want it to, however they do make this task simpler and more stylish too. It is well known that fashion designers and clothing makers in Columbia, South America have a slight edge in terms of forward-thinking fashions. This is certainly not out of the realm of their ingenuity or imagination! They created these jeans to feel as good as they look… AND to make it so simple to make your butt look the way that you desire. The combination of materials that are used in the construction of these jeans makes this task seem magical and instantaneous.

The key to the success of the butt lift jeans is the design. They are specifically made to apply just the right amount of constant pressure and control to your entire bottom. This makes the re-shaping of your butt pretty simple indeed. Thos that have a bit of a midsection bulge – just that little extra bit of belly fat that you cannot seem to get rid of perhaps – are also assisted by the special design of the waistband of these jeans. Combine these jeans with other types of body shapers and you have a pretty cool and easily made decision when body re-shaping comes to mind.
If your hips and/or thighs being out-of-proportion to the remainder of your body is your problem area, these body shapers are your solution! It is the continual pressure applied to the muscles of your butt and thighs plus your hips that makes these jeans the “magical” style items they are. Readers might somehow think or feel that this is a little over-simplified, yet it actually is that simple. The results you see – and that everyone else sees too – will indeed speak for themselves… and these jeans too! Those that are thinking that there is a limited selection of colors and designs need to change that particular thought entirely!  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can You Differentiate Between Butt Lift Jeans and Regular Jeans?

Bumps Up Jeans
Butt Lift Jeans

There are those women that have the figure they want and those that seek to acquire a better shape than they have currently. For most women the main areas of concern are these: bust, waist, tummy, hips and thighs. It is the butt – also referred to as bum, read end, fanny and derriere – tummy and waist that are the focal point here. Those that want to re-sculpt their tummy, waist and butt are often choosing butt lift jeans for this endeavor. The reason is that these particular jeans are much more than appearances indicate.
The title inquiry poses a rather interesting point and topic of discussion. The question pertaining to differentiating between pairs of butt lift jeans and regular denim jeans creates interesting observations. At first glance it is very difficult to differentiate between them. This is because the materials and methods of construction used in both types are almost identical. The main differences would be the specific design and construction of the waistband itself and the particular blend of materials – 80 percent Cotton plus 18 percent Polyester with 2 percent Spandex mixed in – that creates these particular jeans.
The special design and construction of the jean’s waistband is meant to hold that bulging tummy in place while become more or less a “stopper” that keeps the unsightly excess out of sight. It is the aforementioned combination of materials that makes the lifting and re-shaping aspect of these But enhancer jeans work as it does. This along with the particular stitching and contouring built into the design makes these jeans something that is so uplifting – pun intentional here – and satisfying to own and wear. Imagine being able to simply slip on a pair of these jeans and wearing them to start re-shaping your butt to a more desirable shape.  
This is the primary reason for purchasing and using butt lift jeans and other types of shapewears. For many the confidence they get from the compliments and admiring looks is in itself more than enough reason to wear these jeans. For others it is the pure and simple enjoyment of their new look. Given the fact that these jeans are created to look the same as non-shapewear jeans; it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the two. The combination of materials also makes these jeans a bit lighter in weight and a tad more flexible than regular denim jeans. The South American phenomenon has a stunning global reach!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shapewear Evolves Along with Women’s Needs

Shapewear Evolves Along with Women’s Needs
Something that is almost universally known these days is that women and men too, have need of re-shaping their physical bodies. How is this task to be accomplished you might inquire? For the most part it is done via the use of certain type of shapewears, most notably in the case of the upper body and torso needing re-sculpting girdles came to mind. These garments are designed today to be very lightweight, pretty strong and durable yet very versatile and useful.
Licsy Shapewear
There have been many various designs and types of girdle in use during the previous 400 plus years. Women typically used these devices to contour their form to match societal ideals. During the 1600s 1700s 1800s and 1900s the girdle has indeed evolved in form, in the materials used in construction and in versatility. What has not changed all the much is its basic function: to assist in the re-shaping, re-sculpting and re-contouring of a women’s body to suit her needs. Now why on earth would women choose to use any type of garment or device to shape their physical bodies? For the most part that had to do a great deal with society’s ideals regarding what a woman’s bodily shape needed to be.
The best thing about today’s girdles and shapewears is the materials used in their construction. You may have just one material used or it is possible that a combination like Powernet mesh, Spandex and Lycra is used. These materials are soft yet strong and durable; lightweight yet able to firm and sculpt the body as needed. The combination of the aforementioned materials makes it possible to possess and use shapewears for quite a long period of time. It is the stomach, derriere and thighs that women seek to form and control.
Readers might choose to utilize girdles in tandem with butt lift jeans to affect the re-shaping of their stomach, rear and thighs. The materials spoken of in the previous section allowed for the changes and evolutionary pattern that the girdle progressed upon. For example the Powernet fabric used in these body shapers allows the body’s perspiration to be whisked away from the skin to evaporate into the air around us. This not only keeps the body cool, it allows the shaping of the body to progress nicely. The combination of Spandex – debuted in the latter 1990s – and Lycra added to the Powernet creates beautiful, durable well-designed garments.  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Licsy Shapewear the Right Choice for You

Licsy Shapewear the Right Choice for You
 Did you know that not everyone is built in the exact same way and that clothing made in a certain size will definitely not fit all? The solution to this is to utilize Licsy Shapewear for both men and women. Not everyone has a professional model’s body, nor should they. The apparent good of utilizing the latex waist cinchers, shapewear and Powernet to look and feel your best is very evident. There are at least five benefits of using the Licsy shapewear for both men and women so that you look your best.
molding Shapewears
Body Licsy Shapewear

Reason number one is that you do not have to physically change your current body shape. These body shapers come in all sizes and are also available in both half and full body wear. Licsy Shapewear also has many different styles that are suitable for creating the figure of your dreams without liposuction or radical surgery is the second reason.  The third reason is that the colors that are available for these body shapers can come in skin colors or material that is translucent. This means that you can wear body girdles that firm and control under any color of garment.
If you are using things like butt lifter jeans for a lady, this will give you the look that you desire without undergoing dangerous plastic surgery and at less of a cost. This adds to the confidence that you feel when you look your best. That is the fourth reason. The fifth reason is that these Licsy shapers are comfortable to wear at all times. It doesn’t matter if it is a full body shaper or a half body shaper these are comfortable to wear for both women and men. Licsy is a Colombian shapewear maker that is well known for the high quality body shaping wear that they create.
These are just a few of the benefits of using Licsy shapewear for men and women. You don’t have to diet or undergo plastic surgery to look your best.  Just use these shapewear items and have the look of your dreams and fit into those fancy clothes that usually would take a model to wear. The confidence that you get when you are wearing any of the Licsy products is immeasurable to say the very least. The cost is just right as well, so you can look like a million dollars without breaking your bank account.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five Reasons Why Choosing Ann Chery Shapewear Will Work For You

  Five Reasons Why Choosing Ann Chery Shapewear Will Work For You

  It is rare today to find clothing that fits well, without being a ridiculous size or shape. With Ann Chery Shapewear, your body can be molded by butt lifter jeans, cinched with waist cinchers and promote all over good looks with full or partial body control garments. These Powernet garments are designed to hold you snugly without binding and are comfortable and hypo-allergenic to wear. Ann Chery is a Colombian manufacturer of shapewear that is popular for the innovative designs that are produced. Here are five reasons why choosing this shapewear will work for you.

  The first reason that this shapewear will work for you is that Ann Chery has all the sizes and styles that most women (and men) will need in order to wear certain fashionable clothes correctly. The sizing charts are easy to read and the cinchers, girdles and body control garments will fit as specified. Secondly, these designs are for both men and women and come in a variety of colors such as Beige, Blue, White, Black and Mocha. So there is something for everyone with Ann Chery Shapewear that will help both men and women look their very best.
The third reason that these body control garments will work for you is the fact that it slenderizes you with ease. Getting that slim and yummy tummy is easy along with shaping your body with invisible pressure so that you always look your best. Reason number four for choosing Ann Chery shapewear is that these compression garments are ideal to wear even after pregnancy or surgery. This is true even for men as far as the surgery goes. Wearing the Ann Chery shapewear compression garments will work for most any situation and give you confidence!
And the final reason that choosing Ann Chery shapewear will work for you? Simply put, it makes you look and feel good, while being at an attractive price! Shapewear like this will allow both men and women to wear high fashion clothes without being a ridiculous size or shape. It also allows for confidence building which is an additional bonus. You can see now how choosing the Ann Chery Shapewear line for yourself is going to be a big benefit for you no matter what your body size or shape is. For looking your best in any clothing, consider the Ann Chery Shapewear line for its innovative designs, attractive price, and confidence building!

Omce Enhances Your Attributes (Butt Lift Jeans)

Omce Leven Enhances Your Derriere 

There is a universal issue that women face when they are shopping for jeans. The first one
is that, because women do come in many sizes and shapes, not just the so called standard
measurements or all in the same areas on every woman. The second on being the lack of
style, which is rather discouraging for women who want to look great while having the
support and enhancement of their few attributes. The OMCE Leven Butt Lifting Jeans is able
to do this and more.

Omceleven Butt lift Jeans
Omce Leven Enhancer Jeans
 As a constant concern, many women have difficult contours that exist on their bodies, where if they try to compensate for one area, such as the waist, which is higher than what most women think, then they have problems with the hips and buttocks area being either too tight to move around in or been extremely baggy and unflattering. If you try and fit for the thigh and buttocks, you lose the waistline fitting with sagging and gaps in the process..The OMCE Leven Butt Lifting Jeans changes all of this, and puts an end to such miseries. These jeans allow for extreme comfort that there is a different body dynamics of a woman, with a jean blend fabric that fits like your most comfortable nightwear only for
daytime wear. Finally, something that gives you the comfort and elegance in a pair of pants, the reason we wear butt lift jeans in the first place.

The OMCE jeans fabric is flexible, stretch fabric that is not only able to give you the
coverage with but is able to provide the support to prevent fatigue to those attributes
that make loveable you without the distractions of gaps or bulges that takes away from
your overall appearance. Similar to bras, it’s not a matter of have your butt stuffed into a
particular shape but to bring together the form of the butt muscles to where they are sitting
appropriately on your backside to give your that look that your mother and nature meant
for you to have.

The styling of the OMCE Leven Butt Lifting Jeans has the look, feel, and concentration on
the detailing that makes them indistinguishable from the regular brand name jeans. The
designers know what goes into such designs, and make pieces that offer extreme comfort,
taking the shape of the body. These butt enhancer jeans are able to lift and enhance your features to bring
out your best figure without being uncomfortable or heavy.

The OMCE Leven Butt Lifting Jeans are available in most of women’s sizes. There is no
reason that you shouldn’t be looking and feeling your best just because you were blessed
with a few attributes that lie below the waist. Having the appropriate fitting along with the
support and styling that is afforded to lesser endowed counterparts is also what the OMCELEVEN
jean is all about. If you have just one or two quality jeans that make you feel like the ideal
woman on top of your game in any occasion and situation with the comfort you expect, the
there is only one place to go, OMCELEVEN.